Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place Infographic featured image

Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Many older adults have a strong desire to stay independent, as result, research shows that 9 out of 10 older Americans rather live in their own homes than move into a relative’s house or move into a nursing home facility. However, families have a lot to consider when their senior members decide to grow older in their homes, including their health, their capacity to live at home, and if their houses can accommodate a senior’s changing needs.


A lot of families accept the decision of their senior loved ones to age in place. Thus, they do everything to give them all the support they need to continue living safely in their homes. Home modification is one of the ways to provide a friendlier house for seniors. Modifying a home to make it senior-friendly improves older people’s self-reliance, mobility, safety, security, and comfort.


Home modifications address risky areas where seniors have greater chances of slipping or falling. It allows the installation of independence-enhancing products, letting seniors be self-sufficient when navigating around their houses. It includes safety equipment, such as bed railings, a reacher or grabber tool for those with weak grip strength or limited mobility, a bathtub or shower transfer bench, grab bars in the bathroom, ramps for entryways with steps, and lift chairs.


Besides conducting home modifications, families also consider employing caregivers in Connecticut to ensure that their senior loved ones get the support they need. Caregivers can help older people who are having difficulties with everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping, meal preparations, housekeeping, laundry, and personal care.


Availing homecare assistance in CT can assure families that their senior member receives the care they need while living safely in their homes. Some families even employ 24-hour caregivers in Glastonbury, CT, to ensure that seniors are taken care of around the clock.


Aging in place provides many benefits for seniors, including maintaining their quality of life and doing their usual daily home routines. Accordingly, implementing home adaptations or modifications to make it senior-friendly guarantees that older people can independently do what they want in their houses. Consequently, employing caregivers can ensure that seniors are provided with focused, personalized care while ensuring independence at home. This infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare provides details on some of the friendly home modifications that families can do for seniors aging at home.