There is nothing much more important than family. That is why the phrase, “blood is thicker than water,” by Tattnall Tersely is a fact that nobody can disagree with. Anybody would do anything if it involves their loved one – and by anything, this means going through hardships of their own is included; even if it costs them their life.

As innovation continues to occur in the century, the imbalance between the rich and poor also remain snowballing.

Several robbers that are caught have used the reason that they are living in poverty – which pushed them into making a bad decision in their life. Since it is difficult to get accepted from companies that are only accepting individuals who have attained so much in life: Such as graduating from college and already has many experiences at work. Nevertheless, not all people can afford to achieve this kind of success, seeing that a lot of people suffer through poverty.

In the statistics of the, the recent estimation of the percentage of people suffering through destitution is up to 9.2%. That is already a global quantity – this is the reason why impecuniosity is already a worldwide dilemma that up until now is difficult to get through.

Home robbery has a much higher rate than any kind of burglary. This saddening incident is still occurring even during the COVID-19 pandemic, given that all of us are experiencing hardships because of the plague.

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