Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Roller Shutter

Purchasing roller shutters or doors can be expensive. Thus, you must research flawlessly to choose which will suit your industrial or commercial buildings best. Without the proper information when purchasing these shutters, you will incur unnecessary costs or, worst; you could compromise your safety. Here is what you need to know before buying one: 

1. Noise levels

Some roller shutters generate very little noise, while others may generate much noise. Consequently, you must consider the noise output of specific designs. If you intend to install the shutters in a location where noise is not an issue, this may not be a concern, but for most people, this is a concern. Installing the shutters close to a living area where many families can be disturbed is crucial. So, it is vital to consider the noise levels of your shutters. 

2. Material

Roller shutters can be constructed from the following three materials: metal, wood, or vinyl. Shutters made of metal are either aluminium or steel. Steel shutters are less expensive than every other type of metal shutter. In contrast, aluminium roller shutters are preferred because it is lighter than the alternatives. Metal shutters are insulated and available in numerous functions. Additionally, metal doors are less expensive to maintain.

Wood is the oldest material for shutter construction. It is highly versatile and possesses natural beauty. 

Initial costs-wise, vinyl doors are more expensive than doors made of all other materials. However, they are cheaper in the long run because they do not require any maintenance. They are also scratch-resistant. 

You need to be familiar with these types of shutter materials. So, you can ask your contractor about the one you love the most. 


3. Safety features

You must consider your shutter’s safety features if you have children or small animals. Some of these shutters have a camera system that monitors incoming and outgoing objects. Others have a system that allows them to reopen whenever they detect any resistance while being closed. The incorporation of such systems would incur additional costs. Even so, this is the type of safety feature that most people should investigate, as it prevents terrible accidents.

4. Appearance

Your roller shutters’ appearance and operating mechanism are of the utmost importance. It is vital to have a door that complements the style of your home or business. Undoubtedly, the colour and effect of well-chosen roller shutters could add significant aesthetic value to your property.

5. Protection 

Of course, the primary reason for installing roller shutters is to protect our property from foreign materials, the sun’s UV rays and criminals. With that being said, you need to run through your shutters over and over again to secure safety. 


As we always say, everything ultimately depends on you, the home or business owner. However, these are the fundamentals you must understand before purchasing a roller shutter. Contact QLD Roller Shutters immediately; we will ensure you are well-informed before investing in your rollashield.