Things to Consider About Loc Extensions

Dreadlocks are a popular style statement that can look great on men and women. With locs, people are saved from the hassle of styling hair daily and decreasing the chances of damaging it by using multiple hair products. 

For those who want to have long locs but do not have time to grow them naturally, you can opt for a loc extension in Atlanta. But before installing loc extensions, here are some things you need to consider:

Choosing Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair

Human hair is a better option for people who start with shorter locs. It acts as natural hair and they do not have to be removed. Aside from looking natural, they also do not cause thinning and alopecia to the hair.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is less expensive than a human hair. But they do not last long and are much heavier. While it comes in different colors, it cannot be dyed. Choosing between the two still depends on an individual’s preferences.

Maintaining the Style 

Having loc hair extensions involves constant maintenance. A touch-up is typically recommended between 6-8 weeks and the process involves taking 2-3 rows of loc extensions out around the hairline and re-installing them. If failed to be maintained, hair loss and damage might happen.

Ensure Right Hair Products

Wearing hair that is not your own will likely require you to invest in a new haircare regimen. It includes purchasing extra moisturizing products as loc extensions will not benefit from the natural oils that the scalp produces. 

Choose a Reputable Hairstylist

Trusting an experienced hairstylist for installing your loc extensions is crucial especially if you want to avoid hair damage. Accordingly, a professional hair designer uses high-quality products that will ensure to protect and improve a hair’s appearance. 

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