Measures to Prevent Employee Exposure to Asbestos at Work

Asbestos Inspection is about locating asbestos-containing material (ACM) that is present or believed to be present in site facilities before any renovation or demolition activities. To reduce staff exposure to ACM that may present health and safety risks, licensed asbestos inspectors carry it out.

In addition, employers must take all reasonable safety measures to lessen the risk of asbestos exposure for every employee. Here are some recommendations drawn from Safework in Australia to assist employers in helping safeguard workers from asbestos:

Perform an asbestos inspection and risk evaluation.

Before beginning any work at a location, be sure to familiarize yourself with asbestos safety regulations and move forward with performing a risk assessment to identify work-related health risks. Hire a certified inspector or asbestos analyst to confirm that, despite the possibility of asbestos exposure, workers can work at the location as long as the necessary safety measures are taken.

Ensure proficiency.

If asbestos is present, make sure that staff members are qualified to work in a setting where handling asbestos is required. Depending on the rules, hire a certified contractor or give your staff the right instruction on handling asbestos.

Enforce appropriate PPE use. 

Employees working with intrusive asbestos survey should have the proper personal protective equipment to prevent asbestos exposure and inhalation. 

Encourage protection.

Conduct toolbox talks before starting the day’s work and ensure that workers are in the proper condition, depending on the type of work or industry and the risk of asbestos exposure.

Strengthen safety precautions.

Conduct internal audits to ensure that workplace safety regulations are rigorously followed and proactively identify unsafe behaviours. To prevent asbestos exposure and comply with the law, use asbestos inspection checklists aligned with state laws. Create more successful employee training sessions using the data gathered. Connecting with Global Asbestos Audit can help you remove that unwanted toxin and let you have a safe workplace. Contact them now.