Covid Fit To Fly Test In Manchester

Today, several tests are used to test for the coronavirus. They include the molecular tests with PCR being the most common, serological test and the antigen test. While it is not widely used because of the cost, a rapid antigen test is probably the best test for the coronavirus. Antigen tests work by detecting the presence of foreign materials which form the structural components that are specific to the coronavirus. Lately, the rapid antigen test is being used on a large scale to test for the coronavirus because molecular tests such as the PCR tests have a drawback of false positives. The following are the advantages of a rapid antigen test when used in COVID fit to fly test in Manchester.

The first advantage of a rapid antigen test when used in COVID fit to fly test in Manchester is shorter turn around time of the test results. It would not make sense to issue a person a fit to fly COVID certificate three or four days after getting a fit to fly COVID test. This is because within that timeframe, they can contract the virus then end up infecting other because they have a fit to fly COVID certificate. This is one of the major problems with other coronavirus tests aside from the false positives. With a rapid antigen test, one can get the test results within a down of 15 to 30 minutes. As such, rapid antigen tests are really essential particularly if one needs a fit to fly COVID certificate urgently.

The last advantage of using rapid antigen tests in the COVID fit-to-fly test in Manchester is accuracy. COVID fit-to-fly tests were introduced to enable people to travel safely amidst the pandemic. However, the same can be highly disastrous in containing the coronavirus in cases where the test results are false. This is the biggest drawback of a PCR test. Rapid antigen tests use advanced technology; hence the chances of false positives and negatives are meager.

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