Your SUV will perform better with premium SUV tires

SUV all-season tires

As with all vehicles, the tires play an important part for the overall performance of the vehicle. Good tires will ensure that get the performance and safety from the car that you expect. A sports car with bad tires will perform not be able to perform to its fullest without having sufficient grip to deliver the performance that you expect and the stability and control will also be poor.

Some people buy an SUV due to its impressive safety performance versus normal passenger cars, but then they somehow tend to forget that it is only safe it you pair it with proper tires. You will need a good set of SUV winter tires and SUV all-season tires or then go for SUV all-weather tires. It is important to check that the tires that you choose have the correct dimensions for your SUV and then that the tires are correct for the surroundings where you aim to drive. SUV tires have a bigger dimension than normal passenger tires, where 275/55R20 all-season tires are a normal dimension for an SUV, whereas you would be looking at 205/55R16 all-season tires for a passenger car.

When you make an investment into new tires, you also need to ensure that you purchase premium tires and that you maintain them correctly. When you purchase premium SUV tires, they will have aramid reinforced sidewalls to protect them from damages due to side impact. They will also have lower rolling resistance so that the overall fuel consumption is lower, so that you save money over time as you drive. The wear is also lower so that your premium tires will last longer if they are properly maintained.

The key maintenance steps are to visually inspect the tires for any damages. This is to check that you don’t have any visible damages to your tires. This can be done relatively quickly, and it is mainly the sidewalls that are checked. Then you need to ensure that you have sufficient tread depth. The tread depth should not be below 5/32 inches as the key properties of the tire will start to decrease, making it dangerous to drive. If you are close to 5/32 inches you should already get you tires as soon as you can. Once you go below 5/32 inches your braking distance will increase, and you will have less stability when you drive. It is not safe to drive with these tires anymore.

The tire pressure should also be checked to ensure that you have sufficient air pressure. Check the car manual to see what tire pressure you should have. Low tire pressure causes the tires to wear out faster, due to increased rolling resistance. The increased resistance also impacts negatively your fuel consumption.  You will end up spending more in gasoline.

It is also very important that the winter tires that you choose are good for winter conditions, if they are not approved for winter conditions with a symbol on the sidewall of the tire, then you should not drive with them anymore.

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