Tips to Make the Best Coffee at Home

Waking up early in the morning can feel like a drag, especially when preparing for a big day ahead. And while there are plenty of ways to get up from bed and jump-start your morning, one of the most common is drinking a nice cup of coffee. 

But brewing delicious coffee takes practice and skill. Thus, here are tips to make the best coffee in the comfort of your home!

Get the essential equipment

Purchasing the right equipment is crucial when you want to be consistent in making the best beverage. Below are some of the devices you will need:

  • Izzo Coffee Machine – You can’t make coffee without a high-quality machine. They are more efficient than using only kettles or pots. 
  • Scale – A scale can help you easily measure how much water and coffee you need each time you brew. 
  • Coffee Grinder – Grinders are crucial if you want the same grind size and better flavour. 

Use fresh whole beans

Whole-bean coffee is the best way to make coffee. The most excellent part about this is that you can obtain coffee this fresh straight at home. Unlike ground or freeze-dried coffee, whole-bean coffee undergoes fewer procedures. Whole-bean coffee is the purest type of coffee. Only dried and roasted beans will be used.

Filter water

Water is the most crucial ingredient in your drink. Therefore, it is ideal to ensure your water is always clean because impurities will undoubtedly degrade the quality of your coffee. So, invest in a water filter that can eliminate contaminants and pollutants that alter the taste of your water for a completely clean coffee experience.

Grind only as needed

Do not grind your coffee beans all at once. By simply grinding the amount of coffee beans you want to use, you may keep your at-home coffee as fresh as possible.

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