There is a lot of service that your car needs

all-season tires

Cars are like children; they need constant care and there is always something that can be done to improve the performance and safety. With your car to be able to drive safely, you will need to have a perfectly functioning car and you need high quality tires that are in good condition. When you have the perfect combination of them you will have a car that is safe to drive. However, to achieve this all the time, you will need to make sure that the car and the tires are well maintained and serviced regularly.

Car service is needed whenever you feel that the car isn’t performing optimally, so it isn’t only the service that is dictated by the car’s service manual. Whenever you hear something that sounds strange, or something feels strange when you drive. Taking the car for a condition test is always recommended as they will go through the car’s critical functions and make sure that the brakes; shock absorbers and your tires are in good condition. They also make sure that the roadworthiness of the car is ok and that all the fluids are topped up and lights are working properly. This is a good way to quickly check that small problems are not luring and growing without your knowledge. Catching problems early will always save you money in the long run, before they grow into costly problems.

Tire service is needed few times per year, as you will need to change tires between summer and winter season, and you will need to make sure that both your all-season tires and your winter tires are in good condition. When you need tire service, just drive to a tire service station and have them look at the tires and change them to winter tires. They will make sure that the tread depth is sufficient, that the tires are balanced and that the tire pressure is correct before you drive off. They will also be able to store the tires, so that they are stored in perfect storage conditions to make sure that the rubber isn’t suffering from accelerated aging. They also store them safely and they are there waiting for you when you need them at the next occasion.

In between this don’t forget to constantly check your car and your tires for any possible defects or problems. Minor damage can quickly grow to become a major one, this goes also for the tires, so if you detect something it is worth taking it to a tire service station. Damages due to potholes are common and Nokian Tyres have now launched a passenger tire that has aramid reinforced sidewalls so that they can offer pothole protection warranty. Aramid reinforced tires help a lot to protect the tires both from potholes and even when parking next to curbs. If you drive a lot on bad roads, this can help you and your car from unwanted stops.

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