SIMON LED Lights: The Legacy of a 100-Year European Lighting Brand

Households have various options when it comes to choosing a lighting supplier. For those who seek a reliable brand, SIMON LED Lights stands out as a choice that homeowners can truly depend on.

SIMON LED Lights was established based on the principle of cutting-edge lighting technology and sustainability. It has quickly gained recognition in the market with its high-quality lighting solutions. The brand also has a 100-year legacy of emphasizing the importance of reducing environmental impact and energy consumption.

Energy Saving LED Lights

SIMON LED Lights provide a cost-effective option for households that want to save money on their electricity bills. Switching to SIMON LED bulbs is a great choice as it incorporates high-quality LED chips to achieve a light efficiency of 125 lumens per watt (lm/W), which is beyond the standard LED products.

SIMON LED Lights’ Sustainability Efforts

As the world continues to evolve, many people become more conscious of their environmental impact. With this, there are also efforts to contribute to saving the planet.

This LED lights supplier Philippines is dedicated to implementing environmentally-conscious practices across its operations and manufacturing. Their sustainability initiatives go beyond products, emphasizing the significance of responsible business practices that are aligned with environmental goals and a more sustainable world.

SIMON LED Lights and Innovation

To commemorate its one-hundredth anniversary in the market, the leading lighting solution launched the groundbreaking SIMON 100 series in 2016. This series symbolizes a revolution in design, use, and functionality. It is designed to seamlessly integrate rapid installation mechanisms like IDC along with the IoT (Internet of Things) into the series.

SIMON LED Lights continue to enhance the quality of lighting in homes as they provide brightness and eco-friendly choices for households. The arrival of this European lighting brand continues to bring a transformative impact to elevate the overall experience and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle for homeowners.

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