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Minimizing The Effects Of Supply Chain Disruption During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected everything in this world including our logistics industry and businesses. Due to this, companies are encouraged to practice and maintain standard proper health protocols such as social distancing in order to keep its employees and equipment safe and secured from the virus.

In doing this, you may deploy technology to keep transportation workers safe during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Businesses also need to ensure safety on the road. To do this, you need to have an adequate supply of critical goods during the pandemic. Telematics can be used as a solution to keep drivers working for longer hours and getting sick later on.

Companies can use telematics to check how many hours their employees spend driving the wheel and make adjustments to the schedule. Organizing a handoff with another driver will still deliver the product and prevent the current driver from getting sick.

Another solution of protecting your workers during the pandemic is vehicle routing and scheduling solutions. As for the divers and clients, safety on arrival of goods and services is crucial. Social distancing should be maintained for both truck drivers and clients at any pick up and delivery locations like factories, warehouses, stores and medical facilities.

Supply chain and logistics leaders must make it a first priority to ensure that too many interactions must be prevented in order to be COVID-19 free. Technology solutions will help decrease physical contact to a minimum.

Different routine processes like gate check ins and paperwork signing can be done through an online software system. Workers should also be wearing protective clothing like face shields and face masks even though they will not have any physical contact with their client.

To know more about how to minimize the effects of supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, check this infographic.

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