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Human Resource Tips: Preparing Your Small Business for Tomorrow

With the constant evolution of information technology, businesses face various challenges in keeping up with the ever-changing needs of their employees and customers. Fortunately, together with technological innovation are the systems promoting efficiency and effective management, one of which is the Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

From being a simple accounting tool, HRIS evolved into a more complex analytical tool during the 80s. By 2000, it had expanded into providing benefits management, payroll software, compensation, learning management, and expense reporting. 

Human resource information has become a robust system that can increase recruitment and retention rates while streamlining company processes to improve productivity. 

HRIS Functions

A business must be able to successfully manage its human resources to succeed in the marketplace, making HRIS a vital tool. 

Although HR is often viewed as the disciplinarian arm of a company’s business, it has many supporting responsibilities, such as the following:

Administrative Duties

With an excellent HRIS, you don’t have to worry about gathering management information as your chosen human resource personnel will work on the following tasks:

  • Provide a cumulative total of employees
  • Acquaint you with the cost of hiring and benefits
  • Catch you up on vacant positions
  • Advise you about raises and bonuses
  • Perform employee turnover

This will let your employees work on a more intricate task, enforcing better workforce function and company growth.

Office Automation

HRIS also functions as an office automation tool in creating employee management documents, such as job requisitions and applications. It can also schedule shared resources, train employees, and recognize employees. 

This system will help store multiple data in one location so that the HR team can update, track, manage, and handle large amounts of employee data. It can also automate HR reports and allow them to be run and distributed right away, allowing information to be delivered to those who need it in real-time. And as HRIS cuts down on the time staff spend on daily transactions, such as tracking employee status changes, it also allows them to focus on strategic planning aligning with corporate goals.

Through digitally based management methods, the productivity of your HR department can be significantly improved. 

Evaluates Employee Performance & Collect Staffing Data

With the help of HRIS’ modern functions, you can now analyze and review your employees’ performance using the e–attendance feature, which automatically records employees’ attendance hours to help gauge their levels of discipline. This HRIS application provides valuable data that can be used for evaluation and reporting on employee performance.

HRIS is also a reliable help in gathering and storing their employees’ comprehensive data. From contact information to tax and insurance data, the HRIS application will securely store all information. Hence, HRIS is often used as an intelligent source for staffing data.

The Components of HRIS

HRIS’s robust capabilities are evident in the various tasks the human resource department (HRD) is responsible for. These components provide technical requirements that enable HR professionals and stakeholders to complete those processes.


HRIS is dependent on databases and their functions. Whenever there is an “information system,” it always has a database at its heart. Persistent storage is essential to manage and manipulate data continuously into decision-ready or analysis-ready information.

Modern cloud-based databases protect confidential information and make it available to authorized users upon request. Furthermore, a database can provide additional benefits, including:

  • Better Productivity
  • Cost Reduction
  • Less Process & Data Redundancy
  • Improved Data Integrity
  • Greater Efficiency

Although databases take over half of the paperwork related to administrative issues, retrieving digital data is where it excels.

Employee Recruitment and Onboarding

Finding the right talent to join an organization is one of the most fundamental tasks of HRD. However, finding the right person to join your organization is not an easy task.

Every employer knows that recruitment is tedious and repetitive, making it a perfect choice for digitalization. This is where HRIS plays a vital role as it tracks and manages applicants, from job postings to interview notes to hiring and onboarding. HRIS uses analytics and artificial intelligence to identify qualified candidates who meet the job requirements, promoting faster pre-screening and producing more positive results.

Employee Training

Conducting training exercises to enhance your employee’s skill set is a vital factor for businesses in preparing for the future, and here is where HRIS performs as an aid system.

As you should keep track of your employees’ achievements and performance, HRIS will help you analyze and review the performance of your employees using HRIS’ modern functions.

The e-attendance feature automatically records employees’ attendance hours so you can gauge their level of discipline. This HRIS application can provide valuable data to help you evaluate and report employee performance.

Apart from being a support system, today’s modern HR is also about supporting your company and creating a more significant impact to enhance employee efficiency and company growth in the future.

Payroll Management

Another vital component of HRIS models is the payroll function. The right payroll package software lets you download employee hours and send cheques or payroll deposits to employees. Employee salary can also be paid more conveniently with a lower risk of error. 

Processing payroll will never be easier with the best payroll software such as GreatDay HR!

GreatDay HR can calculate tax in multi-country compliance (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, etc.) and compliance calculations for SSS / PhilHealth / PAG / 2316 / TOX / SSO / EPM / MPF / CPF / etc.

GreatDay HR understands that every organization needs a more straightforward payroll process and work as leave, overtime, and payroll recording system. GreatDay HR integrates all these functions into one system making payroll simpler and more accurate.


Using an HRIS system for your business can increase productivity and efficiency for both employees and managers. You can take a step closer to transforming your HR department from transactional to strategic by automating your HR processes.

With real-time data and analytics, your HR team can focus on improving policies, corporate culture, and employee experiences instead of working on countless transactions. This convenience also allows employers to make informed decisions based on the most critical data.

The HRIS application can be a powerful tool for companies. Its functions and components help simplify human resource management for greater efficiency and effectiveness, making it an excellent tool for businesses in the future.

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