Commercial Building Engineers are like Doctors for Commercial Buildings

People need doctors to diagnose them and determine their present condition so they can get treated if required. Commercial buildings also need to be checked to discover any possible issues in the building so the property owner can repair or maintain their facilities. Commercial building engineers are the doctors for commercial buildings, and they need to have a diverse skillset and knowledge since they need to consider their clients’ needs when reviewing the structure.

Commercial building engineers specialize in diagnosing properties like office buildings, retail areas, warehouses, medical centers, and churches, besides residential houses. The different types of commercial properties show how broad the commercial building engineering field is, highlighting the necessity of having a comprehensive set of skills for the profession.

A commercial building is more expensive than other real estate properties in terms of maintenance costs, primarily since commercial properties have stricter building codes to comply with and have more expensive required materials. As such, the building’s systems must be maintained and kept running efficiently. Should the systems fail, the property owner could be forced to conduct lengthy repairs and maintenance that would keep their tenants from operating.

Issues with the support structures, interior, exterior, damp proofing, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and cooling systems can effectively cripple a facility’s operations. A property condition assessment in NJ by a reputable building engineer can reveal these issues early on and allow the property owner to fix them before they affect the overall performance and safety of the building.

The property owners must look for a licensed commercial building engineer to ensure that the inspection reports comply with the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers’ format and content. Licensed engineers also follow NABIE’s Standard of Practice when conducting property condition assessments.

For more information on how a commercial building engineer is a doctor for commercial buildings, see this infographic by Lockatong Engineering.