All-weather tires -the true all weather tire

all-weather tires

All-weather tires are really the true all year-round tires made to handle any weather conditions. This is because no matter what the forecast they are ready to handle any road conditions. This is because they hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake “symbol signifying their approved use in severe winter conditions. This makes them the only true all year-round tires as they can be used all year round no matter what the forecast.

All-weather tires have had many technological advances that allows them to handle snow and ice as well as winter tires, in fact, in recent testing all-weather tires performed as well if not better than winter tires. In addition, the main advantage of all-weather tires compared to winter tires is the advantage of being able to use them year-round. This is a great advantage, especially if you live in an area with unpredictable weather. It eliminates the guess work of when to change into or out of winter tires. The all-weather tires in comparison to winter tires have features that allows it to work well in other seasons as well. Tire changeovers when a new season approaches will be a thing of the past. Even when temperatures fall below freezing, the all-weather tire will still be able to have the excellent grip on the surface that it comes in contact with.

There are many good quality all-weather tires on the market, tires like the Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires. These tires assure reliable grip all year round no matter what the forecast, on wet, snowy and dry roads alike. This is the fourth generation of Nokian all-weather tires with new innovations like blade grooves, the Nokian tyres’ Coanda technology, all-weather dual performance compound and centipede siping. All these new features help with control and handling, grip and traction as well as hydroplaning protection. In fact, the Nokian Tyres very own Coanda technology is designed to accelerate the flow of water via the longitudinal and transverse grooves helping to prevent aquaplaning. In addition, they will protect from hydroplaning on slush (melted snow). With improvements in the rubber compounds like with the Nokian Tyres’ all weather dual performance compound, you can enjoy a longer lasting tread life as well as more grip and handling

All-weather tires really allow the use of one set of tires throughout the year without worrying about the forecast. With the severe snow service rating even severe winter weather will not be an issue and with new innovative technologies like those found in the Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires, grip and traction rivals that of winter tires. With new rubber compounds assuring longer lasting tread life while maintaining excellent grip.

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