Your tire selection has a fundamental impact on your driving performance

The tires you choose have a fundamental impact on your driving comfort, safety, and performance, so tire selection is very important. You might not want to leave it solely up to a tire shop vendor, who might sell the tires where he has the highest profit. You also want to make sure that you have good knowledge about the different tire options there are and what characterizes a good tire.

The money you spend on tires is well worth the investment, and trying to save money on the initial investment can prove to be very expensive. If you are in an accident or get injured, the savings can never be worth it. In addition to real safety concerns and the consequences of higher insurance payments, you also have higher costs over time with tires of lower quality. This is because the tires can, due to higher rolling resistance, lead to higher costs over time. The tire wear rate will also have an impact as it will cause you to replace the tires more frequently and have to again pay for a full set of tires.

Having the right tires for the weather conditions is another fundamental issue. You will have to match the tires with the right season so that you will use winter tires, aka snow tires, during the winter season and then alternate them with all-season tires for the warm spring, summer, and fall season. This will give you the best performance throughout the year and also the best safety and accident prevention. You will have to make sure that you change the tires on time. It is always better to change a bit too early to winter tires and then a bit later back to all-season tires, as you definitely want to avoid using all-season tires in winter conditions.

Taking good care of your tires is important, as this will ensure that they are kept in good condition throughout the lifetime of the tires. One of the important steps to undertake is to make sure that the tire pressure is as it should be for your vehicle. You need to check all four tires and be aware that the tire pressure can vary with varying outdoor temperatures. You then need to also ensure that the tires are in good condition. That they are free from any damages to the sidewall and that the tread depth is more than 5/32 inches. Low tread depth decreases the grip, increases the braking distance and risk for hydroplaning.

The concept of a tire rotation, which is when you change the place of the tires on the front and rear axle to even out any difference in wear. This prolongs the lifetime; it ensures that you have a similar grip on all four positions for better balance and control. You can then also purchase a full new set once they are all worn out. Tire rotation is often done as you change between the seasonal tires. You might have to do it more frequently if you have an electric vehicle or hybrid.

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