Winter tires that will add to your driving safety during the winter months

studded tires

Driving with snow and winter tires during the winter season can be a lifesaver; winter and snow tires provide you safety in terms of providing you with tires that are approved for winter conditions. They can create a grip on ice, snow, and slush so that you can stay on the road and avoid accidents. A car is only as safe as your tires, where if you don’t have premium winter tires of highest quality, you are increasing the risk of being in an accident. You must therefore choose tires wisely when it comes to winter tires, as they have to get you through safely when driving in snow, ice, and slush.

When you drive without proper tires during winter conditions, you will put yourself in danger. You won´t have sufficient grip, so the chance of the car skid or having a too long braking distance needed to keep yourself out of an accident is high. You need to have a specific rubber compound that remains soft and agile during the low winter temperatures. You also need a tread design that can handle snow, ice, and slush. This is what you have when you purchase winter or snow tires. They will combine the right type of compound, a compound that will remain soft and flexible even at low temperatures with a tread that can handle winter conditions.

If you choose studded tires, you will have metal studs to provide an extra good grip on ice. For the non-studded tires, they use innovative design solutions to provide grip on ice. Both tire options will operate well in harsh winter conditions, as long as you have them on when the winter weather arrives. Select the tires that are most suitable for the weather conditions that you expect to have during the winter. If you normally have very icy conditions, you probably want t the best possible grip on ice. For ice, the best grip on ice you get from using studded tires is your best option. If you prefer the non-studded tires and the flexibility it gives, that is the option for you.

Tire maintenance is though important to keep the tires in good condition. You will need to make sure that they are not worn out; so that they have a tread depth not less than 5/32 inches and that the wear is balanced on each tire. Ensuring that the tires are free from any damages due to curbs or potholes is important to check. Then you will need to check that the tire pressure is ok. Correct tire pressure also makes your tires last longer and make sure that the car is more fuel-efficient.

If you notice any tire related problems, you should visit the tire service station and have them look at the problem. They will be able to give the best advice. This can also be if you see uneven wear on the tires or if you notice that the tires need to be rotated.

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