Why good quality tires are important

265/75/16 all-season tires

Good quality tires are important, and the importance is often overlooked after all the tires that allow the car to grip the road and therefore play a role in both acceleration and braking. In addition, only good quality tires with sufficient tread can help prevent hydroplaning. In addition, good quality tires with low rolling resistance allow for better fuel economy and the tire wear is reduced so you have less frequent tire replacements.

It is also essential to equip your car with the correct tire dimensions as this also can play a role in fuel efficiency and grip, and traction. All cars and SUVs come with a manufacturer’s recommendation for tire dimensions.  With proper tire dimensions, you will be assured of the proper handling of your car or SUV. Wrong size tires can damage the transmission of your vehicle. Transmission strain can be caused by changes in the gear ratio when using the wrong size tires. If your car currently has tires with the dimension 265/75R16, you need to mount either 265/75R16 winter tires, 265/75/16 all-season tires, or 265/75/16 all-weather tires. With the proper tire dimensions, you will enjoy better gas mileage and better handling of your vehicle. The additional advantages are better grip and traction.

Always keep tires well maintained with proper tire pressures and proper tread depth. Tread depth should be superior to 2/32 inches to decrease the risk of hydroplaning. Tread depth inferior to this doesn’t allow the grooves on the tires to siphon water away from the surface of the tires when the road is wet. Hydroplaning can happen both in water (hydroplaning) and in slush (slushplaning). This means that even winter tires need to have proper tread depth to prevent hydroplaning and allow adequate grip and traction.

With many good quality tires on the market, it is important to consider what kind of tires you are buying. It is essential to consider the type of driving you will be doing and what kind of weather and road conditions. There are tires for all-year-round use as well as for specific seasons. Certain regions in the United States experience severe winter weather and, in these areas, dedicated winter tires, either studded or non-studded tires, allow for the best winter safety. Winter tires hold the Three peak mountain snowflake symbol signifying that they are severe snow service rated. This emblem is also held by all-weather tires that do not want to change into dedicated winter tires options.

Whether you decide upon an all-year-round tire or tires for a dedicated season, you should make sure to maintain the tires with proper air pressure and by replacing them when worn out. Always replace tires with the recommended tire dimensions for your make and model car and always with good quality tires suited for the kind of driving you will be doing.  It is important when replacing tires to buy tires from reputable tire companies that produce eco-friendly tires to help reduce fuel emissions.

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