What to do if you end up with a flat tire?

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Nowadays, ending up with a flat tire doesn’t happen as often as it used to, due to improved quality of tires as well as roads are improved with fewer potholes. If you do end up with a flat tire, then you should always pull over to the side of the road and turn on the warning lights. You should place a warning triangle behind the car on the side of the road. Place it with adequate distance behind so that cars have enough time to react once seeing it. The higher the speed, the further back the placement should be. You should also wear a reflective vest; this is very important if it is dark or getting dark.

If it is a very busy road, it is not advisable to try to change the tires. It is better to call for a tow truck so that they can tow the car to a safer place, and they can assist in the tire change or take you to a tire service station for tire service so that you can assess if the tire can be repaired or if you have to purchase a new tire. Even the spare tires that you have in the car is only a temporary tire and is for you to get to the tire service station and not a permanent replacement tire.

If you have run-flat tires, they allow you to continue driving at a slower speed until you can get yourself to a service station. Once you have arrived at the service station, they can assess as well if the tires are in good enough condition to be fixed and allow for continued driving. These tires have strong enough sidewalls to support the tires and protect the rims when you drive at lower speeds. The best is always to consult the experts at a tire service station regarding what is the best and safest option. They will be able to guide you so that you can continue your drive safely without hassles.

The key is to be safe both when you end up with the flat tire and also afterwards. A good way to avoid ending up with flat tires is to check them frequently and also make sure that the tread depth is good and that you have sufficient tire pressure. Nokian Run Flats tires can be installed on ordinary rims, while several other manufacturers’ products require special rims. There is still a need for a spare tire and you should also make sure that the spare tires are in good condition with sufficient tire pressure.

The new Nokian Tyres One have aramid-reinforced sidewalls to reduce the risk of the tires running flat due to potholes. They are the newest series of all-season tires from Nokian Tyres. When you use snow or winter tires, you still tend to have a non-winter tire as a spare tire, as they are only meant to get you to a service station for you to allow you to sort out your problem.

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