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What are the common water heater issues?

To clean and carry out basic household chores and let people shower, especially in cold weather, people rely on their water heaters. If the water heater does not function well, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and even showering would make people less comfortable.

It is essential to know the warning signs to check out if the water heater has functional problems. It would be better to check on it as early as possible to be fixed right away.

Here are the common water heater issues that nearly every homeowner experiences.

  • Water temperature issues


One of the most complaints with water heaters is the water temperature; maybe the water is warm but not hot enough, cold, or too hot.

If the water is cold, it might probably be due to a lack of power, faulty thermostat, or faulty heating element. If the water heater is warm but not heating enough, it could be because of an undersized water heater, crossed hot and cold connections, or a faulty heating thermostat. And, if it is too hot, the thermostat is set too high.


  • Discoloration


Water discoloration is caused by high mineral levels – iron and copper – that cause the pipes to rust. Also, it indicates rust to the tank’s inner lining caused by a failing anode rod. If rusty water comes out of the sink or faucets, it might indicate that the water tanks have sediments.


  • Water odor/Smelly water


When the water has a strong odor, it only means that the water is infected with bacteria. If the water smells like a rotten egg or any sewage-like scents, it is already a sign that bacteria are growing inside the water tank.


  • Odd noises/making noises


Noisy water tanks can be caused by sediment buildup and the heating element burning the sediment. Additionally, if it is a boiling sound, the water heater is overheating, which might also cause a dangerous pressure buildup.


These are the common problems that you might experience with your water heater. There are basic solutions to do; however, if the water heater is insanely acting up, it would be better to call for a reliable plumbing service to fix it.

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