Tips On How To Get A Slim Waist

Bodyweight loss usually affects the body as a whole. This is in the sense that if one is to be considered to have lost weight, the current total body weight is lesser than the previous body weight. As such, it is impossible to get weight loss in a specific part of the body. However, the midsection or the waist might be an exception to this. The human waist is made up of a set of muscles which in general shape the waist and are responsible for quite various movements. As such, reducing the size of the waist is largely dependant on specific exercises that target only the waist muscles and make the muscles strong and toned, but not big and bulky.  The following are such exercise tips that help in achieving a slim waist.

The first exercise tip on how to get a slim waist is doing  V-ups. V-up exercises generally target the transverse abdominis, obliques, and rectus abdominis muscles which are located in the abdominal area of the body. To do the V-ups exercises, one needs to lie down whilst keeping the legs flat and arms stretched over the head. This is followed by crunching and listing the torso and legs off of the floor and reaching for the feet after which one returns to the initial position. This ought to be repeated ten to twelve times.

Another exercise tip on how to get a slim waist is doing the alternating reach and catch exercises. This particular exercises target the transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis muscles. To make them slim, one needs to lie flat and bend her knees. This is followed by moving both hands toward the left thigh reaching for the knee and then returning to the original position. This move can be repeated on the left side to complete the full cycle of the exercise. Full cycles should be repeated between 10-12 times.

The last exercise tip on how to get a slim waist is by doing side crunches with a balance ball. This exercise greatly slims both the external and internal oblique muscles as the instability of the balance ball forces one to optimally activate these muscles. To do the exercise one needs to lie sideways with the right hip on the exercise ball and then place the left foot behind the right foot. One needs then to put the hands on the back of the head for support and then crunch upward by lifting the upper body and then retiring to the original position. The exercise should be done 10-12 times on both sides of the body.

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