This might be the year to take a car vacation

All-season tires

Taking the car to the vacation destination is popular this year as some worry about the Covid19 spread and the effects that can have on airline travel. Traveling abroad is associated with a lot of uncertainties and constantly changing guidelines. A lot of people also want to avoid crowded places like airports, so this is why more people are taking the car this year and limiting the distance to travel.

You have some clear benefits of taking the car for a vacation and that is that you have a high degree of freedom once you arrive to the end destination, since you still have access to a car. You can always leave or go back home when you have a car without having to worry about rebooking flights and you can see more destinations. It can also be cheaper if you are a whole family traveling. To ensure that you have a pleasant trip and no car related problems while you drive to the end destination, you will need to make sure that you check the key safety items on your car. It can improve your safety, reduce the risk for delays or problems and decrease the driving costs. All these factors adds up and make it well worth your time to take the necessary steps before you head out on your trip.

Before leaving you should check your tires and make sure that they are in good condition and can handle the drive. The main reason for cars breaking down along the highway during the summer is either due to running out of fuel or then that there is some tire related problems. When it comes to car tires, they can easily be checked before you head out. Therefore there is no reason not to check the tires before leaving. Check for visual detectable problems such as cuts or cracks. If your tire have some visible damages, you should head to the tire shop and have the tires checked out. Getting a professional opinion on damaged tires is very valuable and can save you problems along the road. You should have a set of all-season tires in good condition, or then all-weather tires, which can handle both summer and winter conditions.

You should always check the tire pressure. Tire pressure will vary with temperature and should be adjusted based on the load that you will carry. Low tire pressure can be a quite costly ordeal as the tire will wear faster, so that you will need to replace the tires earlier than anticipated. The fuel consumption will also increase making the trip more expensive. For safety you need to check the tread depth of the tires, to make sure that you have more than 5/32 inches remaining tread depth. If you are below, you new set of tires. If the difference between the rear and front tires is more than 5/64 inches you should rotate the tires before leaving to even out the wear and extending the lifetime of your tires.

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