The latest addition to the all-season tire range

all-season tires

Nokian Tyres have launched a new all-season tire designed to conquer weather conditions in North America in a safe and reliable matter. The new Nokian Tyres One has gotten excellent reviews in the many tests done by various comparison tests. The tires are made for passenger cars, CUVs and SUVs. It builds on three cornerstones, safety,  durability, and sustainability. Nokian Tyres is often synonymous with safety and high-quality tires that are very durable. They also now have a long tradition of manufacturing tires in an environmentally friendly way.

These tires don’t only prevent hydroplaning but also give you excellent grip and control on wet surfaces. The braking distance is remarkably good. Being an all-season tire, it also has an excellent performance in dry conditions, which is the condition that you will face mostly during the summer. However, since most of the accidents during the summer season happen when you have wet conditions, you generally have a worse grip and the risk of hydroplaning. The tread is specially designed for the road surfaces in North America and made to manage all the different weather conditions, even some light winter conditions. It is still however recommended that you change to winter tires before the winter arrives.

By having a tire that can perform well during wet conditions and have the classic of the Nokian Tyres, high quality trademarks a low rolling resistance to ensure that your tires consume less fuel and lower carbon dioxide emissions. With these tires, they have a balanced tread pattern that is non-directional. It helps to provide a more balanced road contact and advanced grip on wet surfaces. In addition, the tread has a few design elements to prevent hydroplaning that works towards removing water from the road surface through sipes in the tread.

The problem with hydroplaning is that if your tires aren’t able to push water to the side, you end up in a situation where the tire will be pushed on top of the water layer. This means that the tire loses contact with the road surface and is now only floating on top of the water; you lose all the control over the vehicle. Hydroplaning is both scary and can be dangerous, so you will need to take it seriously. Hydroplaning is the major reason for accidents during heavy rain.

Another great feature of these tires is the aramid-reinforced sidewalls that help protect the tires from side-impact and potholes. Nokian Tyres have big faith in this technology and are able to offer free replacement if the tires are damaged beyond repair by potholes or rough conditions. This combined with the silica compound that makes them more wear resistant, will provide you with very durable tires.

You know that you have high-quality all-season tires that can handle both dry and wet conditions with the improved protection for damages. You can therefore relax and enjoy the comfortable drive and know that you will be safe regardless of the summer weather you will face during your drive.

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