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History of Activity Trackers

Regular exercise coupled with a balanced diet contributes significantly to maintaining a healthy body and a boosted demeanour. Many try to achieve taking 10,000 steps per as part of their fitness routine. In such endeavours, having an activity tracker comes in handy. Fitness trackers provide great help to Irish residents who want to monitor their …

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Progression of TV Technologies

The progression of television technologies seems to fascinate people as display technology trends in televisions Cork continue to change over time. With the advent of digital technology, flat screens became popular among households. But before the ever-familiar flat-display panels in this modern era, users of televisions first viewed images on their screens in black and …

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Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication

Financial institutions and other establishments interact with numerous customers daily. While many of these customers transact for legitimate business, others are criminals who are trying to get past security to exploit services. Fraudsters are becoming more persistent in committing fraud, identity theft, and other financial crimes. These illicit activities can cause enterprises to incur severe …

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