Studded tires improve your vehicle’s grip on ice

snow and winter tires

It is quite well known that the studded tires have strong grip and traction on ice. We will not even discuss the all-season tires that will have no grip on ice. During the winter, it is important that you mount proper snow and winter tires on your car. The tires need to be in good condition, with sufficient tread depth. All tires are not the same, and some tires will have better properties on snow and others on the ice.

Winter tires are available both as studded and non-studded options, both options are not available everywhere as the studded tires are banned in some states and provinces. So before you purchase new tires you will have to make sure what options are available where you live and also for the areas where you tend to drive on plan to drive. You don’t want to end up having problems when you go somewhere when you have studded tires on your vehicle only to find out that you are not able to drive there with those tires. It can end up being costly if you are not checking the rules prior to purchasing new tires.

When it comes to ice, the studded tires will have the best grip on ice and on packed snow, which tends to become like ice and is often causing problems in crossings where many cars have stopped. If you feel that your non-studded tires are not providing you with sufficient grip on icy surfaces, you should try a set of studded tires. All the studded tires are not the same either, so there will be differences between them. There is a lot of innovations in the studs and the stud placement combined with the tread pattern and how the pattern has been designed.

The non-studded tires will rely only on the tread to create traction on ice, as it doesn’t have any studs. Nokian Tyres’ latest non-studded products use grip particles such as cryo-crystals that can bite into the ice and create traction. The tread is also designed to create grip on ice. This will lead to a good grip on ice.

When it comes to loose snow, you don’t need the studs to create the traction, where it is the tread pattern that will provide most of this. The tread pattern has to be designed so that you have a good grip on snow and can push away the snow and slush between the tire and the road to have a good grip. It is also designed so that you can prevent slushplaning.  So if your current tires are not providing sufficient grip on ice, maybe you need to get better non-studded tires that have better tread patterns and grip particles or then you will need to change to studded tires.

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