Strategies You Can Use to Avoid Bookmaker Limitations

Bookmakers limiting accounts is a common thing online. They often impose bookmaker limitations on accounts of bettors to restrict or reduce the maximum bet amount that they can place or the maximum amount of winnings that they can take for any bets they place.


There are reasons why online sportsbooks set limitations, such as abusing bonuses and promotions, placing weird wager amounts, and the potential duplicate accounts in the betting platform.


While it can be challenging for many gamblers, an online sportsbook Singapore can keep an eye on its users through limiting accounts of gamblers whose behaviour can be a significant risk to their business. However, there are several ways sports bettors can protect their accounts from getting limited by the sportsbook.


Starting small and slowly is one thing sports bettors can do, so the sportsbook will not limit their account as they place their Singapore sport bet. Sportsbooks usually pay more attention to new accounts to analyse the betting behaviours of new users. It can be helpful for you to deposit a modest amount of money and start slow with your betting activities.


Always Bet Round Numbers


Another thing that sports bettors can do to avoid their accounts from being limited or banned is always to bet round numbers or place wagers rounded to the nearest tens or hundreds. Sportsbooks do not like those who typically use arbitrage betting as it often offers a guaranteed profit. These bettors are also quickly spotted as they usually wager exact amounts of money.


Consider Your Betting Pattern


It is also helpful to consider your betting pattern as a sports bettor. Sportsbooks also keep their eye on those who place the same amount of wagers in different betting events and those who frequently bet high amounts of money. With this, it is helpful to wager on other sports events, not using the maximum stake allowed by the bookmaker, and avoid frequent betting on minor leagues.


For more details about the different strategies you can use to avoid bookmaker limitations, here is an infographic from 88ProBet.


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