Roof Materials to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

A roof is a top covering of a house or any building. It is the primary section of the house that receives any weather condition that occurs every season. Consequently, the roof is the utmost part that first develops damage, such as holes, leaks, and becomes weak because of all the natural phenomenon that passes. These are the solid verifications that support the conviction of its regular maintenance.

The canopy is exceedingly vital considering it is the one that receives all the thunderstorm’s strong wind and rain, the sun rays’ burning heat, and the vigorous blizzard that snowstorm possesses.

What will happen if the house architecture has no roof?

The foundation and the roof are the two most excellent significant fragments of infrastructure since this hold and tie the walls together. That is why a house without a rooftop is considered incomplete.

But is there such thing as a house with no top covering?

Yes, there is! Indeed, a design has no roof and is called an Adobe Style Home or Pueblo Revival. These types of houses can be mainly found in warmer climates. It is characterized by an enormous stucco wall with rounded edges and disclosed timber beams and supports.

Nonetheless, that is not the only style of house that has no roof. Even those buildings that are either abandoned or neglected by homeowners who completely disregarded their responsibilities in maintenance. These substructures no longer have a sturdy cornerstone, and in one swift of the wind, it will instantly destruct.

So, how to prevent such damage from occurring?

Fret not, because Fahey Roofing Contracting, the most known company that provide roof replacement services, created an infographic below with all the information regarding the roof materials that will enhance not only your home’s curb appeal but also its solidity:

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