Professional VS DIY Window Tinting: Which is the Better Option for Your Vehicle

Installing window tints sounds simple yet challenging when executed. The process needs accuracy and one’s attention to detail. Failure to grasp the importance of these two fundamental steps in applying films will result in financial liability. Poor quality window tinting Exeter will only result in little to no benefits, such as less ultraviolet (UV) radiation penetration and protection against the sun glare’s fading effects. 

When investing in car window tinting Bristol, you have two options for the installation of window tints. You can go for the do-it-yourself (DIY) method or seek the help of a professional window tinter – both have their set of advantages and disadvantages.

You can determine the choice that perfectly suits your need by learning these four factors.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Window Tinting Law

In the United Kingdom, the government implements rules and regulations concerning window tinting for road safety. 

Opting for the DIY window tinting projects means you are knowledgeable enough about the policies, especially the percentage of darkness allowed. However, be sure to check the latest and accurate information.

Otherwise, call an auto window tinting company that provides quality services and ensures that their products abide by the prevailing window tint regulations. 


You can pursue the window tinting work by yourself if you can accurately cut the films based on the measurements of your window panes and apply tint products on the window’s surface properly.

If you are not skilled enough, better approach professional window tinting firms that have working environments designed to finish the job on time and with quality, preventing delays and setbacks.

Working Environment

The workplace where you will conduct the DIY project matters, as it requires having a clean workstation free from dirt and clutter that can ruin the entire process. In case that you do not have one, it is ideal to talk with trusted window tint shops, which have the right tools and a favourable working area.


Warranties guarantee customer care when issues arise after acquiring window tinting services. Its DIY counterpart does not offer the same benefit. Hence, rather than applying the window tints yourself, you may contact professionals to do it for you.

Refer to this infographic by Global Tint UK for more information.