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Lessons from Coronavirus: How to Maintain Your Health

A virus can mutate, as terrifying as this sounds, it is inevitable that nobody can halt. These are microorganisms that have the power to multiply, considering that they are a living thing too – like us people. For this reason, there are new viruses that are being formed every once in a while.

Sad to say that throughout the time, these new ailments are providing sicknesses to people. That oftentimes causes death once a person is infected with the disease. And since these bacteria can linger and transmit, it will become an epidemic.

Once the pandemic hasn’t been properly maintained, it will instantly escalate into a pandemic. Killing thousands of people – sometimes even more than and stopping the progression of the economy nationwide.

The mutation of the infection was believed by the experts that happened during late 2019. Specifically, in November where the Corona Virus Disease 2019 began to contaminate the city of Wuhan, China.

Unfortunately, as the new year enters, COVID-19 also began corrupting multiple countries – including the Philippines.

The first-ever positive case in the Philippines was recorded last January 30, 2020. A Chinese woman was tested affirmative of suffering from this illness. However, the initial local transmission occurred on March 07, 2020. Because of this, the government established an enhanced community quarantine.

Following the rules of the authorities will halt the diffusion of the disease. Through this, you will also be able to save yourself from not getting infected. Also, check this What Causes Elderly People to Fall?.

However, while you are staying at home, bear in mind that you must continue staying healthy too. Although you are well provided by health insurance Philippines, taking care of your wellbeing is the solution to evade the possibility of getting infected.

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