Know More About Horse Race Betting

Sports betting makes sports much interesting. Fans and watchers get the chance to win money while enjoying the matches. Winning is easy as you only need to lay your bets and wait for the game outcomes. One of the most popular sports to bet on is horse racing.

As horse racing progresses, betting for horses also changes through time. Betting has become more convenient nowadays as horse racing betting in Singapore and other online bookmakers allow you to wage money anytime, anywhere.

For some, the sport is old-fashioned. Yet, for its patrons, it becomes better and more enjoyable. Its historical background and unsung prestige are the two reasons why luck-finding bettors keep flocking horse racing events until today.

Rich history

Horse racing is an equestrian sport that originated in the United Kingdom under King James I’s kingship during the 1600s, as he is fond of watching racing events. It is the fire that lit the coming of the said sport in the British culture.

Due to advancements in technology and increasing demand for horse racing, the king’s entertainment package turned to a mainstream sport brought by the 1711 Ascot race led by Queen Anne II.

Thanks to the Race Betting Act of 1928, horse racing betting got legalized in the UK. Yet, it’s the 1961 Betting Levy Act that paved the way for bettors to gain access and wage their bets even in online horse betting in Singapore, as it allowed off-course betting. Such laws helped the British residents to enjoy gambling.

Way back in 1996, the first online casino only offered table games, and it was horse racing that made online sports betting prominent during that time. Since then, casinos have opened its door to covering horse races and other sports betting.

Win in many ways

The best part of betting in horse racing is the fact that you can win in various ways. Betting varies in every country. The most common betting types are the following: win bet, place bet, and show bet.

Win bet allows you to wage for the horse you think will nail the race. If it doesn’t win, say goodbye to your money.

On the other hand, a place bet gives you the chance to pick a horse you predict can place first or second after the race. Earning in this type of betting is relatively lower as the gambled money got divided into two for the winning horse and the second placer.

Lastly, show bet provides you more options than the first two types. You select a horse that you feel can finish first, second, or third. However, if they’re out of the board, you lose.

For more information about horse racing betting, refer to this infographic by 88ProBet.

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