Improve the safety of your hybrid with proper winter tires

winter tires

If you own a hybrid car, you have made a good investment as you save both on fuel and lower the carbon footprint. Hybrid cars are great as they consume less fuel, as they are a combination of a gasoline-fueled and electric car. The car uses the gasoline when needed and switches over to electric motor when it can. It helps extend the distance you can travel versus a full-fledged electric car. Compared to a normal car you do have less CO2 emissions and an environmentally friendlier car.

You remain on top of the game in reducing your footprint, you also want to equip it with tires that have low rolling resistance so that you consume even less energy and fuel.  You should also check that your winter tires are recommended for use on electrical cars and hybrids, as they are heavier and will need more wear resistant tires so that they don’t wear out too quickly. For hybrid cars you might have to rotate the tires more often, so you will need to check the tires to see if they need to be rotated before you switch back to all-season tires. Rotate the tires when you have a difference in tread depth of 5/64 inches between the rear and front tires.

Invest in premium winter tires that are recommended for electric cars and have a low rolling resistance. They should also have very good safety properties on both snow and ice. The selection is often between studded and non-studded tires, where the studded are not allowed in all states and provinces. The non-studded tires give you almost the same grip on snow and ice and provide you with more flexibility in terms of use. The low rolling resistance of the tires ensures that you get further with every charge and consume less fuel when it isn’t using the batteries.

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