A woman is an adult female girl who encountered many hardships and judgment throughout time. They are the mothers who will sacrifice anything for their children even if it costs their lives. They are the sisters who will stand up for their younger sisters or brothers when they are being mishandled. They are the daughters who will do anything to give back the sacrifices of their parents and reach for their dreams. Last but not the least, they are the women who will stand up for their rights and selves when they were taken advantage of.

Back in the 19th century, women have no right to vote and run for the presidency. Not only that, but they were also not allowed to work but only to take care of household chores instead.

For this reason, a group of women formed the very first movement regarding robbed equality and freedom. The good news is that this propaganda was finally accomplished back in 1974.

These are the challenges that women encountered throughout the years. However, thanks to the braveness of those who fought before, the rights were finally achieved up until today onwards.

Every woman deserved the freedom that was fought for all those years. They are entitled to being able to vote and run for the presidency and also to work in a company to achieve their goals in life. Women are also merited to take care of themselves and have the glow of their beauty back, even though they already started their own family.

They have every right to pamper themselves. Such as giving treatment to their hair and skin, wear a beautiful dress, and the brightest pearl earrings and necklaces that shine the most.

Nevertheless, a woman’s appeal will only radiate when they wear clothes and most especially, a piece of jewelry that suits them. Seeing that, not all bling fits a woman’s face shape.

This concept has been the number one rule in the fashion industry.

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