How to Encourage Healthy Debates Within Your Team?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has brought massive changes in corporate workplaces in the past two years. Most employees are given the opportunity to work remotely, keeping themselves safe from the virus from the comfort of their homes. But with nations already easing up their regulations, countless industries are already starting to have their workforce return to offices.

This gave a company team a chance to once again conduct meetings in one room. In-person team meetings allow employees to collaborate with each other effectively and are vital in developing the leadership skills of team managers. Moreover, it will let team members discuss complex issues in their work and brainstorm for solutions that will allow them to resolve any concerns.

However, meetings can also lead to disagreements between teammates, eventually leading to deterioration in their relationship. The member’s culture, opinions, and upbringing all play a role in how they come up with an idea, which is most of the time triggers arguments during the meeting. Some employees like to keep their thoughts to themselves and go with what the majority decides to do.

As the team leader, managers need to encourage debates within the team. Healthy discussions during meetings can help the team effectively express conflicting ideas that might allow the team to succeed in their tasks.

One way to encourage the team to have healthy debates is to be clear on the goals and missions of a particular meeting. The managers must clearly inform their members about what the meeting should be about, allowing the employees to focus on the debate and not be sidetracked. It will also lead to a more productive discussion and prevent unnecessary skirmishes between the members.

To learn more about how you can encourage healthy debates within your team, check this infographic provided by Corporate Learning Solutions, a leading provider of leadership development courses.