Affects Consumer Behavior

How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior | Infographic

There is an increasing amount of research on how product packaging influences consumer behavior. According to the researchers, the aesthetic appeal of packaging can make shoppers more interested in the product. When it comes to buying habits, the design and style of a package can influence consumer choices. The researchers used an fMRI machine to measure brain activity. They found that attractive packaging caused greater activity in areas of the brain associated with positive emotions, including pleasure, whereas unattractive packaging caused more activity in negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and sadness.

The design of a product can influence a consumer’s decision. For instance, the design and color of a product are related to the decision of the consumer. This association can be significant at a 1% level. In a previous study, Behzad (2013) showed that packaging design and color influence a consumer’s buying behavior. The results of this study can help companies understand how to improve their packaging and increase sales.

Aside from the visual appeal, product packaging also affects consumer behavior. Using a beautiful package can make the product stand out in a crowd. The design of the packaging can inspire a consumer to stop and buy a product. This means that the package is the first impression a consumer has of a particular product. It is hard to erase this first impression and make it the most important factor in making a purchase.

Color design can influence consumer behavior. 85% of consumers cite color as the reason for their purchase. Furthermore, 75% of snap judgments are based on color alone. Hence, the design of a product’s packaging can have a major impact on how consumers behave. The color of a product can affect their buying decisions. If the product is a good choice, consumers will be more inclined to buy it.

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How Product Packaging Affects Consumer Behavior