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Football Betting Guide: What is a 1X2 Bet?

Sportsbooks have their way of encouraging new sports bettors to explore, learn, and win money. Often, newbies are offered free play to explore a game and learn the basics. Assessment and strategy are crucial in playing sports betting games; for this reason, Singaporean betting sites allow their players also to explore the different betting markets.

One of the most popular games bettors play is Soccer Betting in Singapore. People often choose the 1×2 betting market (also known as Moneyline betting, a term traditionally used in major US sports events) in soccer or football because of its straightforward rules. Winning is easy when you correctly select the team that will win the match. But this should be based on the relevant odds.

There are three possible outcomes in the 1×2 betting market: home win (1), away win (2), or draw (X) that should be picked in the first 90 minutes of the game. Both newbies and professional bettors gather up and play the game in hopes of winning big.

How Does the 1×2 Betting Market Work?

When you place your bet on the home win or 1, you also win if the home team wins. On the other hand, if the match’s outcome is a draw (x) or away win (2), you lose the bet. The same applies to putting your chances on either away win or draw. The results have to match your play.

Why is the 1×2 Betting Market Popular Among Sports Bettors?

As mentioned earlier, Singapore Pools football betting odds are favored by many. But what makes them particularly loved are the following:

  1. It’s easy to play,
  2. is readily available in many sportsbooks, and
  3. can be put together with parlay bets.

1×2 betting market sure is simple to learn and can be a good springboard in learning sports betting. If you want to know more about this, check out this infographic by Junebet66.

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