Don’t forget to check tire tests before buying tires

all-season tires

Unbiased tire tests play an important role in testing the quality of different products including tires. Here you assess how the tires perform in certain situation. For all-season tires you might want to see the wet grip and the ability to prevent hydroplaning, while for winter tires you want to see how good the braking distance is on snow and ice. The overall test winner is usually based on the sum of points based on several important tests, while all those tests might not represent the most important parts for your driving conditions.

When you see tire tests, make sure that they are unbiased and has a sufficient amount of tires. Make sure that also they test the correct dimensions that you use, so that you are not relying to passenger car tests for your SUV tires. the fact that the tests are unbiased is important, so therefore it is better to rely on the tire tests made by the leading motor magazines and various car/tire associations or independent testing institutes. What you want to see are tests that are done in an unbiased way and not tests that favor one of the candidates.

There tends to be at least two major tests being conducted every year. You will have a test for the new all-season tires and then for the new winter tires. You might also have a third category of tests that will include all-weather tires. They might then do separate tests for passenger cars and for SUVs, as they are anyway completely different tests  In addition to new tires, they might just take the leading tires from the major tire manufacturers to ensure they have a good variety of tires to test. The all-season tire tests will include their performance on wet and dry asphalt to identify their behavior and performance. Braking distance, curve taking properties and wet grip will be assessed. Their ability to prevent hydroplaning is also an essential point to test. For winter tires you will have their ability to create grip on snow and ice. Measuring their braking distance and ability to control your vehicle in these challenging conditions will be essential.

Once you have identified, based on your online research of the tires and tire tests, it comes down to the purchase of a new set. This is when you can start looking at prices and seeing if you can get these tires at the lowest possible price and be able to use your negotiation skills. At least you identified a good set of tires that will keep you safe as you drive. With good quality premium tires you will have lower rolling resistance, so you have lower fuel consumption and tire wear. You will also have lower carbon foot print, while if you have an electric car, you will be able to get further with each charge. This will allow you to use your electric car more freely.

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