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Do These Five Things to Protect Your Plumbing

We use water for different purposes in our daily life. However, most of us take the importance of our household plumbing system for granted. Clean, fresh, and safe water will not come the same way as they are as always.


Plumbing issues occur in the most unexpected time. These problems can originate from different parts, either fixtures, drainages, or pipes, and fittings. Inconvenience is the best word to describe the experience. But in worst-case scenarios, defects in the water system mean danger and expenses.


Repairs are available in the market. Yet, why pay for these services if you can already avoid these circumstances in the first place? Prevention is the answer. Listed below are five maintenance tips to protect your home’s plumbing.


  1. Silence Water Hammer with Arrestors

Knocking sounds from the appliances switching off is more than an audible nuisance. In reality, these occurrences mean water is dropping back to the valve as appliances, like dishwashers and clothes washers, shutoff water quickly called “water hammer,” capable of damaging the plumbing system. 


Prevent this from happening by installing arrestors designed to absorb shock when water suddenly stops flowing in the pipes. 


  1. Anti-Sweat Valve for Toilet Area

Sweating in our toilet room usually occurs during hot, humid summers. When hot air gets into contact with the cool water in our toilet, water drips on the floor are the visible after-effects. Keep your bathroom dry and free from slipping accidents by putting anti-sweat valves.


  1. Eliminate Sediments in Water Heaters Through Draining

Mineral deposits, once left ignored, can drastically hinder the functioning of our water heaters. When sediments like magnesium and calcium have settled in the bottom of the tank, it reduces the device’s capability to heat the water. 


Moreover, the longer we use a defective water heater, its condition will worsen and ends deteriorating in the process. It will also take a toll on our energy bills. 


Regularly draining the water heater is the simplest way to maintain it. However, it is unsafe to do the job by yourself. Therefore, connect with the nearest Florida water treatment to get professional help.


  1. Investing in Leak Detectors

Leak detectors can be your friendly companion in identifying the culprit behind water damages worth 25,000 dollars, for instance. Most households underestimate the severity of leakages yet suffer the consequence of their negligence.


With leaks coming unpredictably, installing leak detecting devices are instrumental to alerting a homeowner of their existence. It sends alert messages that save the wallet and ensure safety for one’s home.


  1. Insulation for Extra Pipe Protection

Copper-based pipes are freezing and cracking-prone during colder weather. As this seems inevitable, spending lots of money on the immediate repairs of busted water pipes is also unavoidable.


Insulating the pipes is the best solution residents can consider preventing this problem. It keeps freezing and condensation at bay. However, before pursuing this maintenance option, being knowledgeable about the materials used in the pipes is crucial. Pipes made of copper are usually pricey if insulated. On the other hand, plastic pipes are insulation-free. 


If not confident enough, better get plumbing services, Punta Gorda, FL.


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