Buy all-season tires for your electric car that are recommended for electric cars

All-season tires

As more and more people are purchasing electric cars or hybrids, it is important that you purchase the correct tires. That is tires that are recommended for use on an electric car. There are some differences between gasoline and electric cars, why it is important that you take these into consideration. Tire manufacturers will indicate if the tires are recommended for use on them.

If you are looking for all-season tires, you should then look for all-season tires that are recommended for electric cars or hybrids as all tires will not be recommended. Since electric cars are heavier due to the battery packs and they also have a higher torque, which also causes higher wear. Due to this you need wear resistant tires with low rolling resistance. Both these will ensure that the tires will last longer and not wear out too quick. Premium tires are always recommended, and you will need to rotate the tires more frequently than you would expect from a gasoline car.

If you need to also complement the all-season tires for the winter season with some winter tires, they should also be recommended for use on electric vehicles. You have e.g., the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 EV, which have been specially designed for electric vehicles and the EV actually stands for Electric Vehicles, where these studded tires will guarantee you excellent safety with good properties for your electric car.

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