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Building a Successful SEO Team

The internet has been seen to be an accessible platform for people to communicate with each other, to share their creative ideas, and to entertain themselves by watching videos that inspire or make them laugh. Accordingly, the global community has continuously shown interest on the net, spending much of their time on electronic platforms.


Due to this, businesses have been implementing their digital marketing strategies to boost their online presence and reach a broader audience. Many firms use search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their marketing efforts. It increases their ranking on search engines, making them more visible to users who search a keyword related to a brand’s products or services.


Like traditional marketing plans, digital marketing also needs to have a team to implement it, mainly when it uses an SEO strategy. Hence, it would be smart to create an SEO team to help you achieve its benefits.


Before building your SEO team, you must go through the process of budgeting, goal-setting, and creation of your team’s organizational structure. Hence, it would be best if you started from the top – determining your budget. Your marketing efforts generally have to be within your overall budget to avoid overspending resources and put yourself in a losing situation.


So, it would be best to find out your overall digital marketing budget and balance it out with your marketing efforts and also your staff payment. There are different marketing efforts, such as social media, email marketing, and paid searches, that you can utilize to boost your online engagement with possible customers. Various companies use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to reach a broader audience. Hence, if you want to use it, you may check how much to advertise on Facebook in the Philippines to help you know the portion of the budget that you would allocate for it.


When setting a budget for your SEO strategy, make sure to utilize an amount that you can afford for a minimum of 4 to 12 months. It should also depend on your website’s current position, how it compares with your competitors, and how fast you want to progress. Additionally, it should also be within the goals you want to achieve, such as getting raw traffic, increasing e-commerce sales, and achieving better brand recognition and awareness.


After setting your SEO budget and goals, you can now build an organizational structure for your team to help you know which roles are needed. Since SEO is a specialized industry, you may either hire your people to build the SEO team or partner with a digital marketing agency to help you implement your strategy. Looking up digital marketing cost in the Philippines can help you determine how much of your budget to allocate for it and which firm can cater to your needs without overspending your budget.


As much as you need people to optimize your sites, it would also help if you have SEO tools to help analyze your website’s growth and performance. With the right people and tools to implement your SEO plan, you can reap the SEO rewards your business deserves. This infographic of TopSEOs discusses how to build a successful SEO team.

How to Build a Successful SEO Team