How Boost Leaks Affect Your Power and Economy

Boost or bleed holes in your home’s foundation are among the most common problems that need to be rectified by trained professionals. Knowing what you need to know about boost leaks is as important as knowing how to spot them and fix them. Boost leaks occur when water goes through the tiny holes cut into the foundation or crawl space beneath your house. These holes may be caused by soil shifting, settling of the earth, external pressure or water pressure.

You can prevent leaks by checking your soil and surrounding conditions. This will help you know if the soil around your building has settled and settled quickly, causing pressure on the foundation and thus leading to leaks. It is also essential to check whether the ground surface has been fixed, which will cause subsidence in your building. If you don’t know the cause of your leak, it is advisable to contact a contractor and set it at once. Leaks need to be repaired immediately because they can cause damage to your building and reduce its lifespan.

If your leak is caused by soil shifting or settling, the first step you should take is to remove the loose soil from around your building. Then, use a drill to go through the gap and level it. The ground that is removed will be taken to the nearest pumping station. This is to ensure that concrete does not build up between the pipes of your building.

After the soil is removed and the concrete levelled, you will have to determine where the leak is coming from. This is the most challenging part of the repair job because you will need to access the underbody of your building to determine where exactly the leak is. For instance, if the leak comes from the basement wall, you will have to access the soil around it to patch it. However, if the leak source is just beneath the slab, you will have to dig holes in the ground where the foundation will be fixed. Once you have the exact location of the problem, you should hire an experienced foundation repair contractor to handle the job.

For more information about boost leaks, check out this infographic.

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