All-weather tyres add convenience and safety


In our busy lives where we often depend on our vehicles for everyday transportation, we need them to be accessible at all time. With all-weather tyres that are designed for winter conditions, you can manage with just one set for the whole year.  This is probably the most convenient option for safe and reliable driving all year round. This means that regardless of weather conditions that you will experience or wake up to, you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to worry about changing your tyres at the right time, between summer and winter tyres, where you might get the timing wrong. There is always a risk that you can’t use your vehicle or that you are not safe while driving if the weather has changed.

When you make the tyre selection between having dedicated winter and summer tyres and all-weather tyres, you will need to make sure that you select premium quality all-weather tyres that are tested and approved for winter conditions. If the tyres have the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall, then they have passed the required safety tests and can safely be driven on winter roads in addition to be able to safely handle dry and wet summer roads. This gives you both flexibility and convenience. No worry about when you will need to change the tyres between summer and winter and vice versa.

It is important that to realize that it is not only your car that needs proper tyres, it is also important to equip your SUV with proper SUV all-weather tyres, so that you can handle the heavier SUV even in cold slippery conditions. Heavier vehicles such as SUVs, hybrids and electric cars need very durable tyres with high wear resistance. Wear is in general higher due to the higher weight of the battery packs, but the electric cars also have higher torque that can causes higher wear. It is important to choose tyres that are designed for electric cars, so make sure that you select tyres that are recommended for the situation you intend to use them for. You will also need to rotate the tyres more often on vehicles that have higher wear, to ensure that the tyres will wear evenly and last longer.

When you have one set of tyres, your main maintenance is to make sure that you have the correct tyre pressure, monitor the tread depth and rotate the tyres often enough to ensure that you can purchase a full brand new set of tyres, when they reach 4 mm tread depth. Tyre pressure also impacts the tyre wear, low tyre pressure leads to higher tyre wear. This means that you need to check both the tread depth and the tyre pressure on a regular basis when you visit the petrol station to fuel your car. If you have an electric car or hybrid, higher rolling resistance so that you get shorter distance out of your every charge and need to plan better where you can charge your vehicle next.

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